The Montana dream, made possible in COLSTRIP.

A place rooted in community and big on opportunity in the heart  of Southeast Montana.

Here in Colstrip and the surrounding region, we celebrate life in Montana and everything that comes with it. We know our neighbors and we watch out for one another. We cherish our families and the ability to explore, play and learn together. We live for fresh air and wide-open spaces. We work hard and dream big. This is our idea of the “Montana Dream” and we welcome all who share it.

Colstrip is just the start. Our region works together to encompass the best of Montana living throughout all four counties-Treasure, Custer, Powder River, and Rosebud.

Welcome to life in Montana
A place of family, friends, community, and opportunity.

Get to know Colstrip and the surrounding region, all rooted in the heart of Southeast Montana.

There’s no shortage of new opportunities in Colstrip and the surrounding region. Whether you’re looking to build a business, buy a home, raise a family or just get outside, we’re here to help. Contact us for more information about life in our corner of Montana.

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